Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicken Piccata

Ive just noticed that I have been posting alot of chicken and spinach recipes variations.  What can I say, I enjoy them both. So here is another.  Although, if it makes me look any better, I do not usually serve this with spinach. However, we needed a veggie so this was my choice. 

Chicken Piccata = classic italian.  Am I Italian? No, but I think this is a worthy enough version to deamed authentic.  Yes,  it is that good  every time. The trick is making your chicken thin. In fact, the cutlet pictured is pushing the limits but it was still delicious.  Over time and by using a variety of techniques, I have found the fastest and cheapest way to get the chicken thin was by slicing whole chicken breasts.  Pre-cut chicken cutlets are waste of money for the amount of chicken. And besides the noise and mess of pounding chicken, it just takes too much time. So, in the idea of butterflying a chicken breast, I just cut the poultry to the desired thickness.  Some may not call this the "professional" way but Im not a chef and this way works for me. 

By the way, if someone mentions to you that they do not like capers, make this dish anyway and urge them to retry.  Most people have just not had them the right way and this recipe will change their mind. Case in point, Mr. F. He used to pick out capers and turned away from dishes with this ingredient.  My answer to his problem was making this recipe.  Capers are not a common ingredient in childhood dishes; thus, at the first opportunity for tasting, they are tried on their own or with some sort of seafood.  At least this is my belief, everyone has their own excuses but I would still give it a try.

If you want to make this dish extra special, try making fresh pasta.  It goes perfectly with the lightness of the poultry, capers, and lemon sauce, mmmmmmm.

Chicken Piccata:
4 chicken breasts, thin
1 stick butter
1 jar capers
1/2 chicken broth
1/3 c. lemon juice
all-purpose flour, for dredging
Olive oil

Season chicken with salt and pepper.  In a large skillet, melt 2 Tbl. butter with 1 Tbl. olive oil.  Dredge 2 pieces  of chicken in flour, shake off excess and place in skillet.  Cook on each side 3-4 min till browned and no loner pink inside.  Remove and transfer to separate plate.  Cook remaining chicken the same way, adding 2 Tbl butter and 1 Tbl. olive oil each time.  Chicken should cut easily with fork.
Once all chicken is cooked, add lemon juice, capers, and broth to pan.  Let simmer for 1 min, scraping up all the browned bits from bottom of pan.  Return chicken back to the pan, let simmer another 5 min. add remaining 2 Tbl. butter to pan, whisking till melted and combined. 

Serve with pasta.

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