Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mango Sorbet

I dont know about you but this humidity is killer.  And while I love spending time outdoors, walking outside in this weather seals your fate to showering...soon! So what would be better than a cool sorbet to cool you down?

I was all prepared to start my frozen journey with a chocolate-hazelnut gelato (and I will get there at some point) but while grocery shopping, I spotted these beautiful mangos.  They were just so perfectly ripe, colorful, and calling my name. And while I have never made a sorbet in my life, I did some research in the frozen aisle.  All I needed was some fruit puree...check, water, sugar, and some lemon or lime juice.  

Then, I had an epiphany.  Yes, with freezing fingers holding several cartons of pre-made sorbet, it suddenly occurred to me. Why use water, when I could use some mouth-watering mango nectar. Since its already sweetened, less sugar will be needed in my final recipe! GENIUS, I know. 

The sorbet turned out so creamy and refreshing.  I would have to say that my first attempt using my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachment was delicious. And considering the empty tub of mango sorbet, I would definitely have to say it was a success. 

Next up...Mother's Day.  I have several new varieties of sorbet floating around in my head.  I'm hoping to serve them with some homemade pirouette cookies.  

Mango Sorbet:

2 large ripe Mangos, chopped
2/3 c. Mango nectar (on the fruit juice aisle, usually with the peach and pineapple nectar)
1/3 c. Sugar + addt'l added sweetness
4 tsp. Lime juice

Using a Blender, put all ingredients into container.  Blend till smooth.  Strain (unless you like the fruit chunks) and taste. Add more sugar if sweetness is needed.  

Depending on your ice cream maker, prepare according to manufacturers instructions. Freeze.


mr. pineapple man said...

I'm so stupid..I drank half a cup of guava nectar thinking it was guava juice! i should have made guava sorbet or something. ur sorbet looks heavenly!

Bryan said...

Sounds wonderful! I haven't made the leap into the world of ice cream yet. This may get me out to buy an ice cream maker.

Binky said...

Wonderful! So simple too! I am so jealous of your ice cream attachment! :-) Thanks for the recipe. Summer will be a lot more bearable!

Fork1 said...
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Karly said...

Oh my...that sounds amazing! I've had my eye on an ice cream maker for quite a while. I should show this recipe to my husband...that'll convince him that I should buy one! :)

Nisrine said...

Just what I need right now. Delicious!

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