Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creme Brulee Cupcakes

What's that thing called when someone can take a dish and make it look appetizing? Oh yea, its called artistic ability.   And surprisingly, unlike my mother and grandmother, I have found that my artistic range is extremely limited.  So while these cupcakes do not look magazine-worthy, its simply because I can not match the artistry that was used when Bakers Royale created this recipe.  However, I do believe that I was successful in recreating the flavor and taste of this delicious chocolate and creme brulee combo.

The basic chocolate cupcake recipe has now become my staple go-to recipe for! If I hadn't added the eggs to the batter, I would have eaten the whole bowl with a spoon.  It was like a mousse...yes, it was THAT amazing!

The second half of the recipe calls for a creme brulee filling.  Being my first creme brulee ever, I was a tad worried; yet, I soon found myself eating my fair share of the vanilla custard.  So together, how could these cupcakes be anything but delicious?  

Done in a two step process, I let the custard sit in the cupcakes overnight before bruleeing in the morning.  For real step-by-step  instructions and pictures to these cupcakes, check out Bakers Royale and her amazing creation!  


Julie said...

Love creme brulee, can't wait to try these creme brulee cupcakes.

Pam said...

Great cupcakes! I love creme brulee and definitely have to try this! Thanks!

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