Monday, November 1, 2010

Garlic Cheese

If your looking to keep away the vampires (or anyone for that matter) try eating some garlic cheese... Just dont forget to brush your teeth later.

While most grandmother's may have cookies, hot from the oven, waiting for your visit, my Granny always had garlic cheese.  Crackers and cheese; especially, loved by my older brother who loved cheese moreso than sweets (hard to imagine, I know!) Three simple ingredients and LOTS of pressed garlic. I was told that I must use a garlic press but, once again, I do things by my own rules.

So in honor of Halloween, my older brother's birthday on 11/2, and the excitement of knowing that those horrendous political ads are now over for awhile, I will whole-heartedly enjoy some garlic cheese and pretzels.

Happy Halloween (ok, so I'm a little late)
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