Friday, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Bruschetta

Make no mistake, the title "The Perfect Bruschetta" is not a typo.  I'm am willing to bet this recipe against any restaurant version.  Yes, I am that confident.

Let me paint a picture of perfection for you.  French bread toasted till golden with a little olive oil, covered with melt-in-your-mouth fresh mozzarella, and topped with a sweet and salty tomato/basil roasted combo.  In other words, tomato-hating Mr. F has consumed these morsels of deliciousness three consecutive nights in row.  By any household standards, I would say that three nights of eating the same dish that was followed by moans of satisfaction would have to deemed...perfection. Ok, that may sound a little too graphic but you catch my drift.

Do yourself a favor and don't skimp on the fresh mozzarella. It makes a world of difference. A few minutes of prep work and nice glass of wine turn this meal utterly irresistible.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Marshmallow Coffee Sponge Cake

Let the cookouts begin!  In the Florida springtime, or before the humidity and heat are intolerable, the grills are being lit and potlucks are coming into full swing.  Besides combining the most delicious ingredients, this recipe is quick, easy, and a perfect crowd pleaser.  

Once again, I have chosen to recreate a recipe from my great-grandmothers cookbook.  The end result is reminiscent of a Tirasmisu. I can list on one hand the number of ingredients involved in assembly. Ultimately, the most time consuming part of this cake is letting it sit in the fridge. If you have fresh strawberries or raspberries on hand as a garnish...even better.  I'm futher curious to see the effect of the cake with the middle layer of lady fingers dipped in coffee or drizzled with almond or ameretto flavoring. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beets with Orange Sauce

Time may change some things but good recipes will survive forever.  

This weekend, I was privileged enough to inherit some of my grandmother's cookbooks.  Among this collection was one of my great-grandmother's books.  However, I should probably clarify this last statement.  My great-grandmother "owned" this cookbook and the family had their favorites BUT my great -grandmother never stepped foot in a kitchen. She was simply fantastic at planning the menu not actually making it.

 So while flipping through the 1930's cookbook, I was reminded of one of my personal favorites: Beets in Orange Sauce.  It may sound strange and , yes, you must like beets; however, this side dish is fantastic with chicken.  In fact, I can eat these as a main dish.  I've adapted the recipe slightly to fit our "modern" conveniences, such as cooked beets in a can or taking out the mess of a double boiler. 

For now, I highly recommend taking the 2 minutes to mix together these beets. I hope you enjoy!

Just a side note: Interestingly enough, I'm finding that a large majority of desserts from this era include marshmallows as base for frostings and pies.  I will explore further and report back.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crab Cakes

I don't know about the rest of you but I go through food phases. What can I say... One day I can crave a particular food and the next day completely detest it.  For example, last week, I made three dinners that starred red meat.  As of last night, as I was sitting with what I was hoping to be a purely delicious BBQ meatloaf and provolone hoagie, turned out in the trash can 30 seconds after my first bite.  So now, I am onto another main food ingredient, seafood.

Surprisingly, I have NEVER made a crab cake before; however, I have eaten my fair share.  I expect a crab cake to be mainly lump crabmeat and not breading. Side note: Yes, I splurged on REAL, local crabmeat and not crab flavored whatever-you-call those sticks.  I even followed the recipe and used red peppers.  For those that know me can attest to the fact that there are very few things that I usually will not eat. Sadly to say, cilantro and bell peppers make that list.  However, I do love hot peppers and sweet peppers.  I'm guessing with bell peppers being so expensive right now, they are not in season. Hey, I just spent a small fortune on crabmeat, I was not going to spend another $3 for a pepper that I do not like anyway. So sweet peppers it is! A few other ingredients, shape into patties, sear, and serve! Voila

The leftovers also work well in sandwich form.  How does a toasted Hoagie roll with a smear of tartar sauce and a crab cake sound?  I know, life is hard.
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