Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Honeydew Sorbet

Heat wave 2011! Oddly enough, Florida is one of the cooler states in the country right now. 98 degrees with 100% humidity is nothing new for our summers but hearing the Northern states complain is getting old, fast. Here are my fast tips for battling the heat: wear short sleeves, drink water, wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, and if you get so hot that you can't stand it anymore, buy a fan! So in an effort to suppress the extreme dehydration that might be setting in, I have created a refreshing honeydew sorbet.

With hardly any sugar, this sorbet tastes like a frozen honeydew in your mouth. Simplistic but definitely perfect for a picnic or dessert.  I could have eaten this entire container in one night...you won't want to stop!
Try out the recipe with different fruits, combine them, mix 'em up, experiement.  Maybe by the time you have filled yourself with sorbet the  heatwave will be over.

Honeydew Sorbet

1 large, ripe honeydew
1/4 c. sugar
2  Tablespoons lime juice

In a blender, combine honeydew, sugar, and lime juice.  Puree till fruit is a smooth pulp.  Using a fine mesh strainer over a bowl, pour pulp through and remove any pieces that did not puree. Using ice cream maker, freeze honeydew puree according to manufacturer's instructions.

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Dana said...

Mmm. Honeydew sorbet sounds lovely. I just made a watermelon one, I bet honeydew would be great too!

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