Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raspberry Almond Thumbprints

Some people like to experiment with a recipe, I am not one of them.  I have a concept, idea, or recipe in my mind and I expect it to work the first time.   If at first I don't succeed with a recipe, it goes in the trash and I wont attempt it again.  This could be due to my creative process.  I get so excited over my fantastic idea that when it doesn't work, I move on to something I already know is phenomenal. I enjoy the baking and cooking process but if I spend hours making something, I want it to taste more than "okay."

Needless to say, when I was baking a new recipe for a cookie exchange at work and the result turned out flat-as-pancakes, I dumped the whole batch in the garbage and sought something new.  Utilizing the same raspberry lemon jam compote I had just made, I found this almond thumbprint recipe.  If these didn't work, I was first going to scream and then whip up some brownies. May I was just having an off day.

As you can see, these shortbread gems turned out pretty and delicious.  Thank goodness! Mr .F suggested store-bought!!! I do have a reputation to uphold at work. So if your looking for something easy or simply need a recipe for a cookie exchange, here it is. 

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Golden Rugelach

Let's face it, Hanukah gets the shaft during the holiday season.  The most a store will dedicate to the Jewish holiday is half an aisle, if lucky.  So,  in between our Christmas tree decorating, I have to find ways to incorporate some Hanukah traditions.  And my family traditions revolve around food. Other than lighting the menorah and eating some brisket, mandel bread, latkes, noodle kugel and rugelach, I'm out of ideas. But if you can find a fantastic rugelach recipe, you will be a fan for life.

Flaky and buttery, this recipe is melt-in-your-mouth...even with the golden raisins.  Raisins? This is another personal sharing moment when I want to convey to you my absolute disgust with red raisins.  YUCK! I will pick them out of everything: bread, carrrot cake, cookies, you get the idea.  BUT golden raisins taste a little different. And baked into this pastry and mixed with cinnamon sugar and pecans, they are delicious. 

Try something different and broaden your cultural knowledge with this traditionally Jewish pastry. Even more interesting are the variety of filling you can try.  May I suggest Chocolate?
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