Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I may not speak Spanish but when it comes to international dishes, I am pretty fluent in speaking "food". That is to say, I could not tell you what tapas means or where is originates from but I do know that it describes small plates of various dishes to be consumed while drinking massive amounts of alcohol over a few hours...probably derived from Spain.  I gathered the last tidbit of knowledge (whether true or not) because Fork2 was gracious enough to bestow a wonderful Tapas cookbook to me from her recent stint in Madrid.

Everything in this cookbook looks amazing.  How long would it really take me to whip several of these dishes? Between going to the grocery store, preparing the food and cooking everything, I was really looking forward to the drinking part of this meal.  Looking back, I think I was nuts to make this much food for two people (oh, did I leave that part out?) but they were fun to try.  This post will only cover two of the recipes made; however, the sauteed lemon mushrooms and the ham and goat cheese Empanadillas are definitely going to be shown soon.

The chorizo and garbanzo beans has lasted for several dinners worth but the cherry tomatoes stuffed with spinach dip will be on my snack list for a long time.  WOW, so refreshing and healthy... if you leave out the bad parts of the dip.  I would serve these puppies as an appetizer at any party.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chilled Soba Noodle Salad

Ever sleep so long that you just remain sleepy for the remainder of the day? Well, that's me today so it will be a short post.  I blame it on the Golden Globes last night.  My favorite win of the night was for the PBS Masterpiece Classic show, Downton Abbey.  PBS and Masterpiece Classic, yes I do feel like an old lady sometimes but this show is truly awesome.

But I digress in my quest for laziness. Onward to soba noodles...

Soba noodles are a japanese buckewheat pasta that can be served hot or cold.  I chose the cold version with a few favorite add-ins and  a sesame ginger dressing.  For a first attempt, this was a delicious, light lunch.  And since this makes a gigantic amount, I have plenty for a weeks worth of work lunches.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Layered Goat Cheese

Cheese...  I honestly do not think I could live without cheese in my daily diet, especially cream cheese.  No crackers are even necessary. So many cheese varieties and so many ways to stuff them in my mouth.  Cream cheese, cheddar cheese, blue, gorgonzola, brie, how about some Manchego dipped in orange blossom honey? I love them all. However,  I do reserve the right to turn away from a highly pungent, turn-the-fridge-to-fart-smell, cheese.  You know what Im talking about.

So now lets talk goat cheese.  So creamy, mild, and pairs well with about everything.  At a recent holiday party, this layered cheese was served as an appetizer with crackers and Serano Ham.  In my usual manner, I ate about half of it myself then preceded to figure out how the dish was made.  Fast forward 2 weeks to dinner with my family, this layered goat cheese, 5 minutes and it was gone.  Yes, it's that good.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Luck

Happy 2012!  After celebrating all the holidays and consuming massive quantities of delicious dishes, I can honestly say that my stretchy pants have never gotten so much use.  Today is no different. After a family New Years meal consisting of three varieties of chicken tetrazzini, a strawberry salad that Mr. F loved, and 4-5 different types of desserts, I AM FULL!  Did I mention there were homemade chocolate eclairs filled with a mocha custard?  So 2012 isn't off to a bad start, not bad at all. 

Black eyed peas and collard greens are a New Years staple that supposedly bring good luck.  I can't really back up the collards statement. Moreover, I think its because the greens are in massive supply this time of year so the grocery stores push them.  Years ago, I found this recipe that incorporates collard greens, black eyed peas, and pork ribs slowed cooked together.  

For those on the fence for collard greens or if you think that black eyed peas take forever to cook, this dish is for you.  I would definitely call this a Sunday meal since it does take more than hour from start to finish but the end result is phenomenal.  Don't worry, in case you think the dish looks too healthy, it does contain bacon.

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